Welcome Home


“We want Jesus Christ to be the center of everything we do!”


Our Mission

We want to win souls to become followers of Jesus Christ and to Love with all of our hearts!! We want to equip, lead, and build disciples to do the Great Commission to build a church on fire for more!! We want to see the gifts of the Holy Spirit operating in the church by His Presence!! We want to see God’s super touch our natural to perform His supernatural works in our lives to heal the sick, the hurting, and the broken!! We want Jesus Christ, which is The Only Way, to be the center of everything we do!! We want to worship unashamed to The Audience of One!! We want to serve and reach every generation of our community and the world all for God’s Glory and for His Kingdom because it’s all for Him anyway!! For we know that Jesus did the work on the cross, it is our desire to follow and do His Word!!

Vision Statement

This is who we are…

That Church that God can use to build His Kingdom.